Who is the greatest artist of bespoke masterpieces?

Could it be an impressionist? A sculptor? An architect? A painter?

Is it Banksy? Nick Cave? Ai Weiwei? Johnny Depp?

Humankind has been blessed with gifted artists of all categories beginning when cavemen first picked up bits of rock and scratched animals and stuff on cavern walls (they possibly discovered fire this way too – think flint, sparks and let’s get the hell out of here!) .

Michelangelo sculpted David in all his glory as did Alexandros of Antioch but with the Venus de Milo (and minus limbs – not sure what happened there). Da Vinci painted the mysterious Mona Lisa while Monet painted the glorious Water Lily Pond. There’s no denying these are magnificent works of art.

But for me, the one artist who creates bespoke masterpieces every moment of every day – especially Spring time, is none other than Mother Nature.

Mother Nature, is the greatest mixed-media specialist in the Universe…no…make that the Cosmos. Her unique creations can enthral you with a breaking sunrise or the fading colours of sunset. She can soothe your soul walking through forests or along cool (Not hot, we know hot sand right?) sandy seashores. She can energise and charge the air with thunder bolts and lightning (often very, very frightening) or terrify and horrify us with earthquakes, landslides and other calamities.

During Spring She awakens life and here in Brisbane (for my overseas friends – it’s the capital city of Queensland Australia) has been busy creating new life (those ducklings waddled too fast for me to take a decent photo) and pops of colour in gardens everywhere, and abundantly at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens where I took the images I want to share with you.

One of my favourite artists is Claude Monet who said The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration. And I agree…

Greens, purples and carpet of colour beneath dappled shade paint the perfect picture for me. Unfortunately painting is not one of my skillsets, so taking these images will have to do.

I’m convinced there can never be too many flowers, and one day I shall have a garden as abundant as these…

Until next time, be happy, be healthy, and keep smiling xo