When Life Gives You Lemons – Refocus

Sometimes life rains lemons, and when they come raining down there are choices. One: you can drown in them, or two: do something about them, get creative and change how you look at them, lest you find yourself activating an SOS beacon in what has you now treading water in a sea of lemons.

The car breaks down, you fall down, you fall up, trip sideways, then you get a speeding ticket, redundancy happens, you forget your wallet, your website isn’t playing nice, you forget it’s date night, worse still you forget it’s his/her birthday/anniversary/the in-laws are coming to stay. Yep, sometimes the unexpected happens and life will give you lemons (for those who have never had one of those days – I want what you’re having).

What to do?

Refocus. Take a trip to the beach, local park, go hiking, get reading, begin that writing project you’ve been talking about since time began, belly dance, draw something – anything, call your BFFs or support group, learn something different – bird watching, astronomy, find a MOOC that grabs your attention – it doesn’t matter, or finish what you started and start afresh.

This much I know, there’s no denying life can be harsh (a backup plan is a good thing to have when things go pear-shaped). Life is a big classroom and every challenge a lesson for the spirit to grow, so the gold in these experiences is to look for and learn from them, try on a different perspective and dance to a new beat.

When life gives me lemons I find ways of using them, this doesn’t mean I don’t jump up and down, rant and rave, cry, or pound my pillow flat in frustration because change isn’t immediate. Far from it, it just means I go into problem-solving mode and find better solutions to allow me to get my zen back on. Mind you not all solutions have worked out, some required me to start over again – the agony of it all! Also, because we’re all unique individuals what works for me may not necessarily work for you.

How fast I move in turning these moments around determines how long I remain in the foetal position sucking my thumb before I’m up and at ’em again.

So when life gives you lemons – turn up the music and get your groove back on!!

Blessings to you xx