What is Energy Healing? As a matter of fact, what is this thing ‘energy’ I keep hearing about?

You’ve just had your first psychic reading and you hear the word energy used, and maybe you hear the word once, twice, three times, and then it’s said again.

Because life has been raining lemons someone recommends you have a Reiki session because the energy is healing, soothing, calming and oh so fantastic! You go and immediately want more of the same and even choose energy work as a new career choice.

The word energy is indeed tossed around on a regular basis in the world of complementary healing modalities, such as vibrational healing, energy healing, reiki, and all things new age. Energy of course has been around since the cosmic big bang, after all, apparently that’s what caused the whole universe to come about in the first place. If you’re new to the whole energy around you thing, the hopefully the following post will shed some light on it for you. Enjoy 🙂

Here’s the micro explanation of what vibrational energy healing is…

In the known Universe, everything vibrates, from low frequency to high and includes electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, leptons, other ‘ons’ and so on.  Some of these particles form atoms and others are part of the universe, the cosmos and beyond, all of which move at incredible speeds.  Sub-atomic particles (smaller than atoms) millions of times smaller than the full stop at the end of sentences move so fast that technology is yet to get clear images of what they look like although science is working on this as I write.

In a broad sense we’re surrounded by electric and magnetic fields.  Back in 1905 Albert Einstein put forward the theory of Special Relativity, part of which outlines the behaviour of electric and magnetic fields – hence the term electromagnetic energy (this theory is currently be tested. You can read more about this theory here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_relativity).

We might call this electromagnetic energy which surrounds our body, an aura (not to be confused with migraines) or energy field.

“Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential”  – Dr. Deepak Chopra

Unless you have more than microscopic vision, we’re unable to physically see sub-atomic particles, atoms, or molecules neither do we experience or see the spirit world in the same way.  We experience the spiritual realm by using our heightened five senses, including our sixth sense.  The sixth sense being a combination of our awareness of the spiritual world, our intuition and psychic ability, which we all have to varying levels of expertise. The more you develop and use that muscle, the stronger it becomes.

There are five important things which one must have and do in order to fully develop their sixth sense:

  •     commitment,
  •     trust,
  •     an open mind,
  •     patience, and
  •     practice…and lots of it.

There are bucket loads of highly skilled spiritual or vibrational healers who help others clear and rebalance their energy fields by using their six senses.  Again, any person who is committed to their path of spiritual healing can learn with the guidance of a good, experienced teacher, dedicate themselves to effective and ongoing practice, use their discernment, and persevere.

Negative thought forms anyone?  Sometimes for whatever reason, we hold on to negative thought forms.  These thought forms are created over a period of time by our own thoughts, and also by allowing others to impact us emotionally (ie verbal abuse for one).  For example we might seeth with anger and aim it toward a perceived enemy; we have hatred in our heart; victim mentality; revenge is the name of the game; playing the blame game; and so it goes on. Negative thought forms can create blockages which build up toxins in our energy centres and we end up feeling low on energy, anxious, sad or similar.

So here we are with energy blockages in our bodies and in need of the services of an energy healer (vibrational healer, reiki master etc). We make the appointment, turn up, then what happens next? Simply put, during an energy healing session, universal energy is channelled through the therapist and into the energy centres of the client. For those clairvoyant, the vibrational energy might appear as brilliant blue/white light or, depending on the needs of the ‘receiver’, whatever healing colour or colours is most suitable for that healing session. Depending on modality, the healing session may be ‘hands on’ or ‘hands free’…

Originating from eastern philosophies, chakras or energy/spiritual centres as they’re also known, are spinning wheels or vortexes that are responsible for the condition of our mind, body and spirit. Some uses of energy healing are to clear negative thought forms; rebalance and facilitate harmony within; regain vitality; and to heal at the subtle or spiritual level.

    “The last time I opened my chakra so I could feel my peace, I got thrown right out of the pub.” ~ Terri Guillemets

Vibrational energy has many forms and many names, some of which are included below:

  • ** Universal energy
  • ** Life force
  • ** Subtle energy
  • ** Life energy
  • ** Ki
  • ** Chi
  • ** Prana
  • ** The Force (Star Wars fiction)
  • ** Vital energy
  • ** Reiki
  • ** Universal Light
  • ** Pneuma (Greek)
  • ** Mana (Polynesian)
  • ** Ruah (Hebrew)
  • ** Quintessence
  • ** The Od, also known as Odic force (Norse)
  • Words or phrase sometimes used to describe the world beyond normal perception:
  • ** Sixth sense
  • ** Third eye
  • ** Second sight
  • ** Intuition
  • ** Clairvoyance
  • ** Clairaudience
  • ** Clairesentience
  • ** Claircognitive
  • ** Precognition
  • ** Premonition
  • ** Insight
  • ** Knowingness
  • ** Inspiration
  • ** Subtle perception
  • ** ESP – extrasensory perception
  • ** When someone has a fey quality
  • ** Weirdness

Many years ago a 13 year old boy was observing a vibrational healing session. After the session he was asked whether he ‘saw’ anything during the session. The following is his account of what he ‘saw’:

“I was curious to see what vibrational healing was all about so I just stared at her hands and saw a ball that glowed in the middle.  When she did vibrational healing the ball was dark orange on the outside. About 10 cm around the ball were little balls coming in from all directions gradually getting bigger as they came onto the ball. They went at a fast rate into the main ball.  It seemed to start at her palms. Then the ball went into the person’s head and when she was finished the ball slowly faded. Also, for some reason the ball made a low humming sound the whole time. I thought it was weird and unexplainable and drew a picture of it.”

This was drawn by a 13 year old and is an account of what he saw during an energy healing session

This was drawn by a 13 year old and is an account of what he saw during an energy healing session


This has been a very short, very simple explanation of energy or vibrational healing and hope it has given you a little more understanding of what this means. Of course there is much more to it than this post and would take a long time to explain it fully – even then there would be more to learn.

So when life gives you lemons re-energise your soul and breathe in the energy of the Universe, deeply, slowly, and calmly – you’ll either end up with head spins or you’ll be feeling clearer and much more calm…maybe even be smiling again 🙂