Whale Mall

Whales, the gentle giants of the deep, are said to be the Earth’s eternal record keepers who according to mystic lore also symbolise the power of song, rebirth, and ancient wisdom.

People throughout the world love them, and during migration season gather along coastal vantage points to watch them surface, or breach – an unforgettable experience.

A recent Saturday outing to the Queensland Museum highlighted whales of a different kind. Suspended above pedestrians in the Whale Mall outside the museum, are replica whales who mew and caw their melancholy whale song providing a sense of eeriness to the corridor.

Quick facts:
Adult humpback whales grow to approximately 13 metres, weigh around 30,000 kg, and grow to the age of 50.  Only male humpbacks ‘sing’

Qld Museum Whale Mall

Mother an calf in the Whale Mall Qld Museum

The sheer size of them is humbling, although I suspect if I was scuba diving and these came up behind me, I’d be either walking on water, or transporting myself to Mars immediately.

Qld Museum Brisbane Whale Mall

Whales ‘n barnacles in the Whale Mall, Brisbane

Graceful movers, this one is diving deep though looks to be doing the whale yoga version of the downward dog. Floor to ceiling glass doors are below right.

Qld Museum

Whale attempting downward dog…I think this whale is much more graceful

To be met by these beautiful mammals was fascinating – the rest of The Queensland Museum was also fabulous.

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