Walking in the Otherworld

I often get asked about the spiritual world such as what it’s like, what’s there & so on. My answer usually is that it’s as busy ‘over there’ as it is here. It’s multi-dimensional, where different ‘species’ of beings exist not just loved ones who have crossed over. There are many worlds rich and vibrant, full of life, energy, magic, mystery, darkness, light, & so immense that it’s beyond human comprehension. There are world’s without measure that we mere earthlings, even with the most creative of minds, could never imagine.

Even if you should stumble across a dimensional portal, wormhole, black hole, black energy, or locate a tear in the fabric of time and space, and take that risk to enter into a surprise reality (a surprise because who knows what you’ll find), there’s no guarantee you’d be able to describe it sufficiently to people to help them understand or believe you. Take the UFO abduction phenomena, there are disbelievers who regardless of how many high level witnesses say they exist, they remain sceptical.

As a meditator of many years standing and a modern day Shaman (no disrespect to Shamans of the old way) I cross through the veil and visit places in the past, present and future to be privy to many unusual things – some of which I update on Facebook such as:

  • With lantern lit I crossed the threshold & entered a tunnel aglow with sparkling lights. I walked deeper & deeper through the tunnel until I came upon gnomes standing solemnly along the tunnel wall. Allowing me to pass they nodded their heads in greeting; no word was spoken, there was no need for their silence spoke volumes. Humbled I knew I was being given a great honour to bear witness to the world of gnomes.
  • As soon as I closed my eyes a snowy owl perched itself to the left of me. Then Green Man appeared as did brown feathered eagles, hawks, falcons, and honey bears. One eagle was with his handler, perched on his left arm, when he flew up a stairwell to heaven.
  • The Ferryman took me along the River Styx (Styx is a Greek word meaning hate, detest) to where the river bordered the light. As we silently sailed closer to the light I saw beside me a smiling Vietnamese gentleman wearing a paddy hat. My boat stopped & I watched in awe as he crossed over the threshold & was absorbed by the light until he was gone. I was shown this image so I could see there was nothing to be afraid of, the light was beautiful, filled with love.
  • Anubis, the ancient Egyptian God of the Dead, stood powerfully, silently before me, staff in his hand. He made me stand behind him then pointed toward the west and showed me a great storm of dust and water coming this way. Then I was shown a torrent muddy water, like a tsunami, with people trapped within unable to escape, then there were mudslides. Then Anubis was gone.

I find my other world visits to be a wondrous kaleidoscope of the unimaginable and feel both humbled and blessed to be given opportunities to access them. It’s taken me many years of meditative practise, clearing limiting beliefs, keeping a check on my friend the ego, walking with and accepting my dark and light shadows, opening my heart and mind to possibilities that there is more to life than meets the eye, to finally reach this level of ability. And it’s not the end of personal or spiritual development, this will go on, and on, and on 😉

When life gives me lemons, the other worlds are places I can visit if only for a short space of time.

If this is something you’d like to pursue:

  • Find yourself a good and experienced meditation and personal development teacher
  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Practice again – regularly
  • Don’t force things – allow instead
  • Watch for Impatience – it is your foe, work on making patience your friend and you shall be rewarded

Good luck with your adventure 🙂