Unfortunately, the other candidate was slightly more experienced…

When life gave me lemons…

Where do I start on my journey back to that land that was so far out of reach… well that was how I felt.

It was not that long ago when life was going along swimmingly… Business was good, life was good, just going through the motions of work and play. Then suddenly, like for so many others, unemployment struck! Made Redundant!

Initially I didn’t have an issue with this, after all, I had great experience and skills behind me, plus I’m a highly motivated person. This was just a blip on the radar.

Or so I thought.

Armed with a revised resume, Seek.com set as my home page, adding every other employment site to my favourites, I began my first day of being unemployed.

Days rolled into weeks, constant emails coming back, never good news, I learnt to hate the word Unsuccessful, but I had bills to pay, so the search had to continue.

Weeks become months. One thing about the unemployment line is that you’re competing against many others in exactly the same boat. I applied for so many jobs, and had so much time, I started to keep spreadsheets and categories of contacts, and positions applied for.

The demon that is with you plays terrible mind games. Why are there no phone calls for interviews? Is my resume poor? Am I too old? Am I even getting shortlisted, or just trashed? See when you don’t get any feed back, you just have to think about it…. And you think WAY to much about it!

Then finally some interviews – it’s either feast or famine! So now research the company, the role, create a script of possible questions so no erring or umming.  The interviews always went well, when they last 1 ½ hours you can always tell it went well. And your mouth is dry from nerves and non-stop talking. This is the one! Great company, great salary, great location! Second interview comes around, YOU NAIL IT AGAIN, and leave with your chest pumped out. Now on top of the world. The stress of no income and the anxiety is almost over, the cloud of darkness is clearing, You dare to relax and let your guard down, I guess because that’s all you have. Now to wait for THAT phone call.

It comes – and it’s not the news you wanted. This happened all too often. Came in second place. There are no trophies for that, no reward, no second chances.

Each day becomes darker and depression sets in on a large scale.

Many months later, armed with my contacts that I’d gathered, I decided for one last push. One last hurrah! I couldn’t take this any longer, It was a fight that was only up to me to win, jobs don’t just happen. As much as I wanted the secure income fairy to wave her magic wand, and as much as I needed her to, jobs don’t happen like that. This was it! The day, after many months of rejections, no replies, and “unfortunately the other candidate was slightly more experienced”, with all my strength and the little dignity I had left, I hit the phones and emails.

Each company where I was placed second had made the wrong choice! It was me that they needed, So I rang, and rang, and emailed like there was no tomorrow, because I felt like there was no tomorrow.

Within an  hour I received an email from a company that I was really keen to be part of, a small-medium sized business with growth opportunities. I had been invited to meet at a café in Melbourne to discuss a potential position the next day. “LOCK IT IN EDDIE,” I said.

That next morning, I suited up, treated our meeting as another interview, and we talked for about an hour.

To this day I am still with the company in a senior position.

On 29th October 1941 at Harrow School, Winston Churchill famously said, “Never Give In, Never, Never, Never.”

In my case, this is so true 🙂