Treasured Moments

Without a treasure chest hidden in the basement, attic or a random beach somewhere, my treasure isn’t so much about:

  • squillions in the bank, although it would be lovely,
  • jewels,
  • a yacht – oh spare me the seasickness, rogue waves, sharks and the kraken!
  • the best job imaginable although this is currently debatable
  • my never-to-be-revealed secret super power

it’s more about social connection with family and friends, the sharing of special moments, support when times get tough, food, laughter and fun.

For the assignment on Treasure and close-up, it was all about Easter 🙂

Brown egg

Coloured brown egg

One such treasured gathering is the family’s annual Easter egg hunt. As in previous years it begins with the colouring of hardboiled eggs on medium heat. Patience must be your BFF because it’s time-consuming and can get messy with the dye mixture. It’s also tempting to handle eggs before they’ve dried thoroughly.

Hint 1: use white eggs to highlight colour

Hint 2: wear something other than white

Hint 3: if it’s a rainy day hide the eggs quick and hunt like it’s your last before the rain cleans the dye right off the eggs

Next year I’m reverting to colour coding the eggs, much more fun – and fair 😉

2 thoughts on “Treasured Moments

    1. Michaela Post author

      Thank you Diya, it was a messy affair! I used different food dyes but they turned out stunning I thought. The Grandkids (and me) love the annual Easter egg hunt and already planning the next one – might use ripple effects and sploshes of colour 🙂

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