Shapeshifting Bird Days

“Shapeshifting is not just transforming yourself into some beast as is often related in ancient myths and tales. It is a matter of controlling and utilising your energy to the fullest to meet whatever the life situation requires.” ~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

There are bright days where I soar like an eagle,

Where I am sharp-eyed and swift like the falcon,
Where I glide through the day with the grace of a beautiful white swan,
Or laugh hysterically like my neighbourhood friend, the kookaburra.
These are the days when I am as wise as the wisest owl,
Trill and tweet the melodic birdsong of the canary,
Become the ostrich and outrun those around me with the cry ‘Catch me if you can!’

These are the days when nothing is too difficult, everything is achievable, life is good and as it should be.

Steven Seagull by the river

Steven Seagull always makes me smile…

Flipping the coin to the darker days where I shapeshift and become the lyre bird, and all is not as it seems,

When I eat too much and waddle like a penguin,
I become the fierce cassowary, and with it the warning – do not approach!
I squawk and screech like a sulphur-crested cockatoo,
I’m a prisoner of my own making, until I shapeshift and become the Great Indian Hornbill,
When I scavenger hunt like the vulture,
Or I morph into the Bush Stone-Curlew while I grieve a loss.

These are the days when it’s difficult to get out of bed, motivation finds another, and life is a bumpy ride.

But the Wheel of Life keeps turning.

It may turn slowly, then gather speed, or slows to a trickle, and seemingly a standstill.

But the Wheel of Life keeps turning, through both the darkness and the light.