Rolling Hills Landscape

Stopped along the D’aguilar Highway west of Kilcoy in the Somerset region, South East Queensland, for the landscape shot (below). The illusion with this photograph is that the clouds were low in the sky – they weren’t; it was the perfect warm day for a drive to the country 🙂

D'aguilar Highway beyond Kilcoy

Landscape shot of property along the highway

Main photograph taken, it was time to crop.

I cropped almost half the photograph to highlight the dirt road and the tree line top left.

D'aguilar Highway R cropped

Cropped the right side of the original image

Cropped out the rolling hills on the left – was a little nervous about snakes slithering out of the long grass by my feet!

D'aguilar Highway beyond L cropped

Cropped the left side of the original image

While taking photographs with my mobile phone is fun, I’m hoping that Santa Claus will bring me a proper camera this year (I promise to be good!) 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rolling Hills Landscape

  1. indacampo

    It’s amazing how cropping one photo differently changes the perspective of the photo. This is a great interpretation of the theme. It is also fantastic with or without a fancy camera..

    1. Michaela Post author

      Thanks Karen! I’m glad we did this assignment because now I’ll crop photos I already have when I need them. I cropped the Blackhawks out of a big city photo for the Double and Rotation assignment (sorry for late reply only just found comments)…

    1. Michaela Post author

      Hi Mudlogger, apologies for not replying sooner to comments, I only just found them. From memory I started to play with filters but found they dulled the images but may have (the fish oil ain’t working) used the sharpen tool. I’m surprised by the quality of my Galaxy S4 🙂

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