After breathless wheezing and head spins, I finally blew up the last of a million pink and white balloons and took this photo. Taken several years ago on my daughter’s birthday eve I love the shadows and simplicity of the pink and white balloons.

I particularly like the way the white balloons tone down the pinkness of the others. The shadows from the afternoon sun create a mood I think, and gave the balloons more definition. What this photo doesn’t show is the entire lounge room was covered with them and with my cheeks burning, I was lying breathless on the floor.


Pink and white party balloons to go with the red velvet cake

Next came the baking of the lusciously delicious (and all other adjectives describing something out-of-this-world), red velvet chocolate birthday cake. I can’t remember whether it was a Nigella Lawson recipe or someone else’s – all I know is that it was a pleasure to bake, my daughter loved it, and was yummy to eat.

The photo on the left is after red colouring had been added to the thick chocolate mixture while the photo on the right is after buttermilk had been added – oozing with moisture (I always use one third less sugar than recipes state).

Seriously, licking the bowls clean, as well as everything else splashed by the mixture, had never tasted so good!

When the cake was sufficiently cool I spread cream-cheese frosting between three layers of chocolate cake, covered the outside of it, and sprinkled gorgeous pastel marshmallows over the top – the lime coloured ones seem to stand out against the yellows, whites and pinks. I also added shredded coconut to the sides – yes I know – OTT!

Definitely HAZMAT for anyone not into sugar, yet a cake baked with love, from beginning to end.

When the cake was cut (sorry no photo quality too poor to show – I was too busy salivating at the time) the red seemed to pop with the pastel marshmallows, cream cheese and shredded coconut (phew) providing a nice if not messy, contrast.

Red Velvet Cake Topping

Pastel marshmallows provide a colourful topping for the red velvet cake

Okay, I’m hungry now 🙂

13 thoughts on “Pink, White and a Red Velvet Chocolate Cake

    1. Michaela Post author

      Hi Lindy, it was delicious, I’ll save a piece for you next time 🙂

    1. Michaela Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment – appreciate your words 🙂

  1. debs blog

    I am so glad to have discovered your site! I love your mission and the words “eternal student” resonate with me. 1/3 less sugar… will have to try that..

    1. Michaela Post author

      Thank you for your comments Deb, and apologies for not replying sooner, I’ve only just found where the comments are 🙁 Yes to the 1/3 less sugar. I also use far less sugar when baking my banana and coconut loaf – delish 🙂

    1. Michaela Post author

      Thank you 🙂 it was lovely to see my house full of these colours 🙂

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