My neighbouring backyard tree

Shuffling along the dirt pathway at dusk,
my heart skips three beats and I want to rush
with great speed through this woodland and its damp smell of musk.

Sky high trees of brown, green and grey,
merge boughs together and toss down decay,
onto my path either which way.

Yawning shadows swallow the light,
and the lengthening shadows hastens my plight.

Goosebumps pop from my scalp to my toes,
for I hear a chuckle, slow deep yet merry it goes.

Twigs are snapping; the shadows advancing,
and the hair on my head is wildly dancing,
I hear the hum and see him now – oh look over there it’s Green Man chanting!

Above photo on left: close to the base of this tree.

Above photo on right: Approximately one third of the way up.

Photo on left: above the word ‘a’ is a shadow of a kookaburra, his mate had just flown off – so noisy!

Photo on right: is where the tree touches the sky. On windy days Green Man thinks it’s funny to gift me with seed pods, leaves and branches, and groan, twist and sway. Still, I’d rather have this tree than no tree 🙂