Mid Afternoon Warmth

It’s been threatening rain for most the day, and I wish it would just get over threatening, get on with it, and do it. I am however grateful for the abundant cloud cover. With the humidity still hanging around mowing the lawn and gardening was a sweaty affair.

Today has been warm (when isn’t it here in March?) even with the cloud cover, but when the sun broke through, I felt Sol’s hot touch.

Never mind that. With Sol out of hiding, I raced around like a crazy chook looking for my camera, found it, and managed to take these three shots before the sun nipped behind  the clouds again.

As the sun disappeared I snapped this grevillea flower – a shame because it’s beautiful and radiant when the sun shines directly over it.

Grevillea belongs to the Protea family of which the Banksia also belongs – remember the villainous Banksia men of the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie series by May Gibbs? So I feel a special love for it as do the resident birds, and the bees.

The point and shoot into the mid afternoon sun was eye-watering even though I wasn’t looking at it.

Lastly, old Sol blessed me with his mid afternoon’s warmth, and cheery bright rays over freshly mowed grass.