Letter to my friend Ego

Dear Ego

It has come to my attention that you have again been trying to make me feel better without success, and with that I felt compelled to write you this letter (with love of course) and tell you why you have been unsuccessful.

Again you have managed to hamper flow by thinking your way is much better and ignored the promptings of our invisible friends. Due to your single-mindedness the outcome has not been as you expected – again. I know you want me to have the best life experiences and I do love you for your kind intentions, but the reality is your misguided help makes things worse for me by tenfold. Yes, I know you want me to feel good, to be, to do, and to have but you are getting in the way of creating the kind of life I imagine to be possible. I also know you’ll do just about anything to make that happen for me, but please, can you stop working against me. It’s okay for me not to have all that material ‘stuff’. I mean, where would I put it all for starters?

Let me run an objective definition of Ego from the dictionary, by you:

egos, plural

noun /ˈēgō/

A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance

  • – a boost to my ego

The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity

An overly high opinion of oneself

  • – some major players with really big egos

(in metaphysics) A conscious thinking subject

Carl Gustav Jung identified your namesake, the Ego, as relating to the conscious mind. However he also mentioned the personal unconscious (what is not present such as memories) and the collective unconscious (our psychic inheritance – all the other stuff). Working with the last two is what would make life a somewhat for us both.

Moving on now to the shadow side of us which some might call the dark side of your namesake, the Ego, however the shadow is neither good nor bad, it is what it is and does what it does. It’ll work much better if we bring out the light shadow and embrace and accepting the dark (just thoughts dear Ego, just thoughts).

Please pay attention to this, Sigmund Freud said that the Ego says “take care of a need as soon as an appropriate object is found.” And so the Ego struggles to provide for us until obstacles start getting in the way of life. This is the part where it should start making sense to you and what I’ve been trying to tell you.

I met with you (again) recently and travelled with my Pathfinder to the deepest parts of my Soul. While I was there I took the opportunity to see you as you truly are.

What I found was a well-intentioned, if not misguided aspect of my Self, fully loaded with a mish-mash of experiences ranging from having a safe, secure life to suddenly having it taken away at a moment’s notice (what was with that sand storm that destroyed everything?); to the fall of great wealth to extreme poverty (THAT dungeon experience still haunts me). These experiences and more have accumulated since time began and include this present lifetime, and I’m under no illusion that they will continue in various forms until the end of my soul journey in human form.

So, having observed all our experiences I can say I have a fairly good understanding your modus operandi – you want to fill a need for me… Lovely, however your best intentions to create the situations you create are not much chop, instead they’re working against us, and I find them boring, frustrating, and exhausting. Please try to resist the urge to use subtle stand over tactics, by your friend Self Sabotage, to get your own way. Yes, I am onto you. I acknowledge that you are indeed a powerful aspect of my Self, so imagine using that power for our highest good, living the best life imagined, not to the detriment of how our life tends to pan out when you get going with your “I want, want, want…get, get, get…”

We’re bound together through time and space in human form so come on, lighten up, let’s collaborate positively and work together nicely so we can benefit from all this lifetime has to offer. Let’s negotiate how to work together with our highest guidance and all which resides in our unconscious mind and beyond (you do realise we have ‘our guys; our team’ helping us from the other side?). Our lifetimes together shouldn’t be good versus evil, dark versus light, angel versus demon, and conscious versus unconscious. Instead, if I may suggest, we begin to work as an integrated team for we are bound together like yin and yang. So how about it dear Ego, let’s make this lifetime work for both of us, let’s work to what our Highest Self knows is the best path and allow all the other good ‘stuff’ to be a lovely added bonus.

Yes, I know you believe you know what’s best for me because I’ve been there for every one of your end results – maybe you are forgetting that I’m conscious not dead, and I can hear your mind monkey chatter loud and clear.

If I didn’t write you this letter dear Ego, the pattern of your behaviour would continue, then where do you think would we be? No clue? Well I’ll tell you where, back to first base, that’s where. If you think this behaviour is acceptable, continue what you do but I’m self-aware now which translates to I’m back in the driver’s seat. Notice I said ‘I’m self-aware now’. I want to highlight this to you because you think you are already self-aware, and to get your own way without me knowing (well, you thinking I don’t know but I do…) you employ the services of your friend Self Sabotage, clearly a strategic alliance on your part to ensure you have control.

I love you Ego, you are part of me and I am part of you and because you have my best interests to show your love for me, you work at getting me material ‘stuff’. Please resist helping me so much, I can honestly do without a lot of the material ‘stuff’ you want me to have, plus I love my divine connection too much to ignore their messages. I’m not suggesting we can’t achieve wonderful things by working closely together with our highest guidance, but how about we just allow life to unfold in the best way possible and if this means not to have the big ‘stuff’ (whatever that is) then how peaceful would that be?

That is all….

Forever yours,

Michaela 🙂