Has life given you lemons? Maybe it has or you wouldn’t be here, or you have time on your hands and landed here, in which case Hi, and welcome!

When Life Gives You Lemons has had an update to reflect its contents better including the addition of the Photography page and Photography category – any any excuse to take photographs of the world I find myself in.

Did you know that When life gives you lemons you have options. You can …

Squish, press, squeeze and pulp that tarty yellow fruit into lemonade
Bake a sublime lemon meringue pie
Make lemon sherbet
Grab the tequila and salt
Not into tequila? Limoncello anyone?
Pick up the lemons take aim and throw them right back

Better yet and without the mess of squeezed, cut up, peeled, grated, and chopped lemons, grab a coffee, chai latte, Earl Grey, rosemary with lemon spritzer or lemonade and check out some of the stories here at When Life Gives You Lemons.

If you’re into health and fitness there’s a guest post from Level Up Health and Fitness. If you’ve wondered about the whole fate, destiny and synchronicity thing, check out Fate, Destiny, and Synchronicity – An Echo through the Ages. Maybe unicorns are your thing in which case there’s a post Magical, Mystical and Mysterious Unicorns. Or if you’re the neighbourly type Who knew a fence could mean so much? will interest you.


Chocolate raspberry mousse cake

Inspired by lemons 🙂

Please see the Serious Stuff page for more details.


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  1. Michaela Post author

    Thanks Diana – that’s lovely of you! Once upon a time I thought lemons were underrated – how wrong I was – there’s gold in them lemons xo

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