Exploring my Assumption

On my way to Warwick, west of Brisbane, I pass a road sign in Aratula to Lake Moogerah.

I’d driven this way before and heard the lake was a dam. Imagining dull brown water, tufts of yellow grass bordering the sparse shoreline (don’t ask me why), and lots of quiet nothingness left me with thoughts of meh. My assumption was good enough reason to stay on the highway rather than drive the 12 kms to the dam.

This time I make a mental note to explore the lake on my return trip home.

Later that day…

Driving back to Brisbane on my return trip I take the Lake Moogerah turnoff.

This is what I see…

Moogerah Dam

A breathtaking view of Lake Moogerah and the surrounding mountains of the glorious scenic rim

I also see this…

Moogerah Dam motor boats

Motorised vessels permitted on the lake – it was a busy on the water with small boats and jet skis

And this…

Moogerah Dam Wall

Walking along the dam wall, the view was stunning – even looking down

I’ve never been so deliciously surprised! My wrongful assumption of a dull brown dam to what actually is – a wonderfully vibrant body of water surrounded by mountains was breathtaking.

What’s not to love?

So happy I decided to check out my assumption – win/win ♥

4 thoughts on “Exploring my Assumption

    1. Michaela Post author

      Thanks Laura xo I’m still stunned at how beautiful it is there and me thinking it’d be a small brown, uninspiring dam 🙂

    1. Michaela Post author

      Thank you :))) the photos don’t do it justice – I said wow a lot haha xo

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