Exploring Brisbane’s central business district on foot

Since I last blogged I’ve changed my home office around from the back room to the front, assembled my new desk with my new magnetised screw drivers (who knew those existed?). Written and entered a short story competition with minimal notice and making the deadline by two hours, and flew to Melbourne to spend time with my family. I’ve also been walking…a lot…actually 10,000 plus steps per day for Steptember, a charity initiative of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance – a wonderful and worthy cause helping those with cerebral palsy♥

To make up my daily 10k steps I’ve discovered walking tracks and trails around Brisbane I normally would drive past. Brisbane has lovely greenspaces and boardwalks – just be mindful of cyclists, if you hear bells ringing watch out, most of these walks are along shared laneways.

So far this is where I’ve been and what I’ve seen:

Normally I take the quickest route through town to work however, I was also exploring Brisbane’s central business district on foot (a gal’s gotta have some fun!). One morning I decided to walk through the Brisbane Arcade which was decked out with beautiful flowers, the street art in Queen St Mall was gorgeous too ♥

queen st mall brisbane

Outside the Brisbane Arcade

Walking alongside the Brisbane river, the Story Bridge to the right connects north to south and if you’re game enough to, you can climb it for a fee. I was walking right on dusk and before the pretty night lights came on. On a clear night when the lights reflect on the river and stars shine above, it’s quite the romantic place ♥

brisbane river and story bridge

Brisbane’s skyline at sunset walking from the Botanic Gardens

The Kookaburra Queen showboat with the Story Bridge in the background. This area has a wonderful restaurant precinct – according to what my nose was telling ♥

kookaburra queen and story bridge

No party on the Kookaburra Queen yet but you know when there is…

On the other side of Brisbane’s central business district, we have the Kurilpa Bridge leading to the art galleries. It was a beautiful evening when I took this photo ♥

kurilpa bridge brisbane river at sunset

I stopped walking long enough to take this lovely sunset photo

In a previous post I blogged about my experience with my grandson on Brisbane’s Wheel, this time I was on the city side on a ferry terminal. Brisbane’s Wheel looks stunning from here too ♥

brisbane wheel southbank

Brisbane’s Wheel looking fine at dusk

I took this before I headed west and around the corner to the left. Quite a walk, but fabulous ♥

brisbane riverside looking west

Walking west beneath the expressway

It almost feels like I’ve been everywhere but tomorrow is another day with a new path to be explored – until then, have fun creating your own adventures 🙂