Edge, Alignment and the Sacred

Edge and alignment, what do these two words relate to in photography?

I’ll begin with edge:

noun: edge; plural noun: edges
1. the outside limit of an object, area, or surface. “a willow tree at the water’s edge”
synonyms: border, boundary, extremity, fringe; margin, side, lip, rim, brim, brink, verge; perimeter, circumference, periphery, contour, outline; limit, limits, outer limit, bound, bounds; literary marge, bourn, skirt, “the edge of the lake”

These photos of The Chapel, Montville Sunshine Coast, were taken in March 2015. Used solely for weddings, The Chapel (below) sits back from the Montville escarpment; the beautiful onyx floor leads you to the window and beyond.

inside wedding chapel Montville

The eyes are drawn towards the window giving the illusion of standing before a cliff

Below, the wedding signing table area sits on the edge of the escarpment; the views to the Sunshine Coast a perfect backdrop.

Wedding Chapel Montville Sunshine Coast

Wedding signing table outside chapel overlooking the Sunshine Coast

Then we have alignment:

noun: alignment
1. arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions. “the tiles had slipped out of alignment”
•the route or course of a railway or road.
plural noun: alignments
“four railways, all on different alignments”
•Archaeology – a linear arrangement of stones. “there were originally at least four massive stone alignments running from west to east”

When I saw Archaeology – a linear arrangement of stones, ley-lines sprung to mind. If you’re unfamiliar with ley-lines, they are the linear or geometric alignment of stones, hedges, mounds and so on, connecting ancient sacred and natural sites.

However not all alignments lead to a sacred site so I’ve resorted to a little (okay a lot) poetic licence with this stone pathway bordering the sandstone chapel – a sacred wedding chapel.

chapel pathway

Edge and alignment between the chapel and the stone pathway

Another angle (pardon the pun) of alignment is how the roof meets the sandstone wall. Edgy contrast and perfectly aligned.

roof side view wedding chapel

Roofline edge aligns perfectly with the chapel’s stone wall

Below is a shot of one of the leadlight windows around the sandstone chapel; the wooden frames provide contrast and align with windows on the opposite wall.

wedding chapel window

Leadlight window of The Chapel

Well that rounds up my trio (I added sacred) – edge, alignment and the sacred all in one 🙂

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