Day Three 7-Day Nature Challenge

Day Three of the 7-Day Nature Challenge (nominated by lovely Laura from The View From My Window)

For today’s challenge I travelled far and wide…kidding! I drove just over 6 kilometres to the Ravens Street Reserve – 12 kilometres from Brisbane’s Central Business District it.

Photo One

Walking into the reserve I discover an abundance of grass trees or Xanthorrhoea, a plant uniquely Australian, growing through the bush and gullies.

Grass trees Ravens Street Reserve

A gully dotted with magnificent grasstrees

Photo Two

The two grass trees in the distance add an eerie mood to this photograph. Could they be tree spirits or guardians of the forest? Everything around us is alive (except for plastic, get rid of plastics) and much is invisible to the naked eye 🙂

Ravens Street Reserve West Chermside

Watchers of the forest, two grasstrees stand among the ferns

Photo Three

I couldn’t pass this tree without first taking a photograph of its lemon yellow banksia flowers. This tree was situated beside the children’s playground and the Downfall Creek Bushland Centre.

Banksia Chermside Hills Reserve

Lemon yellow banksia at Ravens Street Reserve, Brisbane

Doing this challenge has opened my eyes even further to what exists close by 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day Three 7-Day Nature Challenge

    1. Michaela Post author

      They’re fabulous aren’t they? Any your way? I saw them for the first time in WA 🙂

      1. Soul Gifts

        I’ve seen them in the desert, but I don’t think that was in SA. Probably WA like you when we drove to Perth for a holiday one year. They used to sell illegally acquired ones off the back of trucks here at one stage

        1. Michaela Post author

          I remember reading about their illegal trade – shame because it wiped many of these living fossils. Thankfully they’re now protected. Love WA’s landscape and find it spiritual 🙂

          1. Soul Gifts

            Yes, it is good it’s been stopped. THe grass trees are significant too to the indigenous people. WA was a state of huge contrasts.

          2. Michaela Post author

            Yes I agree with their significance. Love WA, and driving to the west across the Nullabor is something I’d love to do again someday

          3. Michaela Post author

            It is a long trip haha my favourite place was Eucla – something about all that white sand 🙂

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