Bunyaville Conservation Park Late Afternoon

Day Six 7-Day Nature Challenge

Day Six of the 7-Day Nature Challenge (nominated by lovely Laura from The View From My Window)

A lifelong tree hugger, nothing was finer than the discovery of these tall trees in the Bunyaville Conservation Park 7 kilometres from home, and 15 kilometres north of Brisbane’s Central Business District – lucky aren’t I?

The Bunyaville Conservation Park is perfect for hiking enthusiasts, family picnics, and romantic picnics for two.

I love city greenspaces ♥

2 thoughts on “Day Six 7-Day Nature Challenge

  1. Soul Gifts

    I too have found amazing green spaces so close to home! And the trees are so awesome, giants in the middle of the city and busy main road median strips. Adelaide CBD is surrounded by a green belt of parklands too. Next to the Botanic Garden is a beautiful area of parks where the most amazing moreton bay fig trees grow. I’ll have to go and take some photos there too

    1. Michaela Post author

      You’ll find so many wonderful trees, flowers and other greenery there – am looking forward to the photos! I remember Adelaide and the lovely parks – oh yes, and the Adelaide Hills – love them 🙂

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