Mysterious White Horse

Day Four 7-Day Nature Challenge

Day Four of the 7-Day Challenge ((nominated by lovely Laura from The View From My Window)

The white horse on the hill

Just before I close my eyes before meditation, a vision appears of a beautiful white horse on a green hilltop. The white horse, with its calm demeanour, looks directly towards me and waits. I have arrived home.

This morning I stopped along one of the backroads in the Samford Valley, sounds far but is only around 15 kilometres as the crow flies (really, this long distance travel is brutal). I took several photographs of brown horses, paddocks, trees, and flowers. And then I saw it, a white horse grazing on the far side of a green hill; the star of today’s challenge.

As I neared the fence it too came closer until we stood eyeballing each other (photo below).

The White Horse

Pretty white horse with pretty brown eyes

Throughout the ages and cultures, legends speak of a white horse :

  • In Revelations 6:1 one of the Four Horsemen rode a white horse
  • The winged white horse Pegasus is one of the best known creatures in Greek mythology, not surprising considering its Mum and Dad are Poseidon and Medusa
  • In Chinese mythology there is Longma a winged horse with dragon scales, also known as  a dragon horse
  • The Uffington White Horse figure dating back to the Bronze Age, is situated on White Horse Hill (where else?) in Oxfordshire England
  • In Hindu mythology the king of horses is a seven headed white horse called Uchchaihshravas
  • Even the Lone Ranger rode a white horse called Silver
White Horse Eating

White horse eating the abundant grass along the fence

What a pleasure it was meeting this white horse today 🙂