Beige Cars, Yellow Butterflies and the Monkey Mind

Beige cars and yellow butterflies

We know energy consists of electrons, protons, neutrons, leptons, and other particles ending in ‘on’. Of course I’m barely touching the surface of this massive field of study, but I do know everything consists of a moving mass of particles in some form or other.

One Christmas several years ago, Santa gifted me a book called E-Squared by Pam Grout. Full of good humour, E-Squared is an easy to read and follow self-help book about creating the life of your dreams through nine experiments with energy.

There are many names for this energy, some might know it as:

Life force
Life energy
Spooky stuff
Subtle energy
Universal energy
Quantum Physics
Mana (Polynesian)
The Force (Star Wars fiction)
The Od, also known as Odic force (Norse)

This energy is the ingredient I used in creating my two intentions below.

First Intention

Armed with the simple instructions set out in the book I started with the intention that I wanted to see as many beige coloured cars as possible over the next few days (I assumed they were rare). On the same day, barely did the wheels of my car leave my driveway when I spotted five beige cars in quick succession.

Second Intention

Early next morning I wrote that I wanted to see yellow butterflies because apart from the blue and brown butterflies, no yellow-winged insect graced my garden. Okay Universe give me yellow! Thirty minutes later three yellow butterflies fluttered outside my window pane.

Seriously, if this is how intention setting works out then show me the money!

My little experiment with the Universe highlighted my assumptions about beige cars and yellow butterflies (yes I know – never assume anything). It also highlighted that when I set clear intentions (admittedly they were easy) with none of that wobbly self-doubt, I’ll hit a bullseye.

Now moving away from intentions, my little experiments highlighted something else…

The Monkey Mind

During this research I discovered how much negative mind chatter had managed to sneak in and make itself at home in my head (What a pest! I bade it good riddance years ago and here it was again). I won’t bore you with the details but it was enough to get my cranky pants on when I uncovered the outrageous fun my monkey mind was having in the background.

Negative mind chatter is insidious – like mould; it slowly creeps in and before you know it there it is spread out on the ceiling of your laundry.

It seemed to me that my overly busy life or  twiddling thumb times had become the monkey’s playground. Its chatter began with a whisper, gradually got louder until it wore me down with its screaming. The chatter consisted of:

  • moaning and groaning about life,
  • doubting intention setting
  • short-sighted decision making,
  • scatter-gun finger pointing rather than self-reflection and stepping up
  • shrivelling under comments from hater’s
  • wants, must haves, no time to relax and so on.

It was time to don my battle fatigues…

 What I did next was…

  • eavesdropped – I tuned in and listened to what was going on in the background.
  • I became crystal clear with my intentions, then stopped and listened.
  • challenged the nasty mind chatter, and with hands on hips told it how wrong it was and kicked it to the kerb.
  • accepted some intentions would take a while to bake, while others would simmer for years before they’d be ready to eat.
  • listened to my intuition and the sage advice of those who have been there done that and learned from it.
  • pushed through walls of resistance

Me = winner ♠♣♥♦

Now and then the mischievous negative monkey pays me a visit, but knowing how energy works, it’s no match for positive monkey magic 🙂