Are Trees More Than Meets The Eye?

There’s something mysterious about trees if you stop long enough to look, really look.

Do you notice the face in the tree? Eyes and ears, or their bushy brows? Do you see a long proud nose, or a bulbous one? Or do you feel a surge of something-or-other wash over and through you so unexpectedly that your hairs stand on end and goosebumps erupt all over your body?

The muffled giggles of children and the rustling of leaves you hear on a still day might well be the spirit of the tree you’re standing beside. It being as curious of you as you are of it.

treeman on sunset

Can you see the face in the trunk with his long nose?

The more photographs of trees I take, the more I notice their colouring, the squiggly patterns on trunks as well as the bulges and other markings.

I’ve walked past trees before where I’ve felt love, and at times have heard laughter wondering if the tree was laughing at my confusion. It doesn’t frighten me, what these trees have done is help open my awareness to the greater reality, and to the beings that inhabit these places, such as the dryads, wood nymphs, faeries and other wee folk.

Now here’s a confident tree if ever I saw one – standing tall beside the lily pond with its outstretched branches calling “Hi! Hi!” and its leafy crown. A true stunner of a tree which appears to be sitting down.

greenman sitting beside a mt coot-tha botanic garden pond

A beautiful tree with it’s new coat of leaves sprouting on its branches. Is Greenman about I wonder?

I’ve walked past many a garden only to backtrack because a feeling of fluttery movement, children’s laughter, and joyful singing caught my attention which I always want to inspect further (my curiosity often gets the better of me). These gardens always seem to have trees growing around them – possibly for protection.

The black and white photograph below appears to be waving its branches saying “Shoo! Shoo!” to anyone passing by. Maybe the poor tree is anxious it might lose another limb or should I say branch?

tree spirit watching

Monochrome seems to highlight the trunk of this interesting tree and its eye…

Last but not least are the ancient Grass Trees, which appear to be sentinels of the forest watching and waiting for me to pass (Xanthorrhoae aka grass trees are protected).

Ravens Street Reserve West Chermside

Watchers of the forest, two grasstrees stand among the ferns

Next time you’re walking in a park or garden, relax and open your awareness to nature around you. It’s healing, relaxing, and peaceful, and who knows, you might even hear a chuckle a little over there 🙂

Have fun ♥