Agapanthus Love

If I didn’t have a calendar or clock and the agapanthus began to bloom, I would still know Christmas was on the horizon. Agapanthus, loosely translated as the Flower of Love, with their long sleek leaves and florets of blue, purple or white, border many a picket fence and garden bed – and I can see why. They’re sleek, upright and regal, unfussy, lift the colour of the homes and fences they border, and are lovely.

Its name should be Lily for the agapanthus is also known as Lily of the Nile, African Blue Lily, or just the African Lily, though I prefer to call it Aggy for short. It sounds chummy like a long-standing friend, or strangely, an adored pet.

While a hedge of aggies all in a row is visually stunning, so too is a close-up shot of both slender and curvy yet-to-open flowers, isn’t too shabby either.

Mystic lore says the agapanthus represents immortality, is occasionally used as a love letter, and associated with all matters of the heart and romance – probably why they’re sometimes used in bridal bouquets.

I love these blue aggies ♥♥♥