A Day in the Life of a Military Wife

My name is Kristen, and I am the proud mother of five wonderful children. With a loving family, supportive friends, and happy, healthy children…what more could I ask for?

Originally from Sydney, NSW, I have been moving north, east, west, and south following the Military.  My husband and I met a three short years ago, bringing with us a child each from previous relationships.  Within our first year of marriage we had an additional three boys (this includes a set of non identical twins).

I once worked as a Business Analyst with Community Services, prior to that I worked for the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Airforce – did I mention I am also a war veteran? Since 2012 I have been a stay-at-home mum, discovering many new sides of myself such as I CANNOT BAKE!  My life at the moment revolves around my children, which is easier said than done.

Being a military mum has included making room for hubby’s work commitments with the downside him having to go away.

When life gave me lemons…

“Ahhh…the final trip for while,” I thought with a false sense of security.  Three nights later hells bells, he tells me he is going away for a month – next week!

Cool.  I can do this! No worries…. (I secretly plan what I can buy without him knowing, buy that little kitten I walk past at the shops every other day).

Love you! Bye Hunny, have a great trip.

I go back to bed, wake up and change three nappies, make three bottles, change three outfits, and yell at my 11 year old to wake up and get himself ready for school.  Then I go to the toilet. While the kettle boils.

Eeeech.  I am a mess.  Note to self – get rid of makeup before bed.  Just because husband is away, no need to not take care of yourself.

I go out to make my first coffee, and am bombarded with pairs of shoes.  Not just one pair but four pairs.  Another note to self – hide all shoes from any child unless they can put them on themselves.

Coffee? Yes… Drink coffee, make son lunch, remind him to make the bed, remind him to brush his teeth.  Quick we are late.  Get out of the house, put baby in sling, carefully put twins in pram…buckle up boys! Then get nagging dog, who is bouncing around the front yard tearing up what was apparently, grass.

Close gate…ahhhhhh. Rest…but then it’s the dog pulling me down hills while I slide in my flip flops (I have a massive blister from attempting to run in my joggers on my treadmill out the back, so flip flops it is).

Get home. Unpack. Take shoes off. Make morning tea for one, two, three mouths. Clean up.  Husband messages me.

“Whatchya doin’ hunny?”   I don’t reply…
“Tap- tap- tap…whatcha doin?”
I reply “not doing much..you?”

The day goes on.  I was not doing much but why does it seem like so much?

I did plan on sending some mail today, write a few emails, do a bit of lazy shopping, but heck, I will wait until tomorrow. I will be more organised tomorrow and get out earlier.

This is just another day in the life of Kristen – it just goes on until bed time. By late afternoon I’m helping with homework which baffles me most of the time, then it’s my turn for a shower, clean clothes and some good old fashioned…Facebook time! (Shhh I’m addicted to Facebook and Candy Crush…don’t judge me!).

So…my lemon pie I thought it would be when my husband goes away…turns out to be lots of dreamy lemon meringues.