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Tree Hugger gets Tree Hugged

A tree hugger from way back, I was in my element several months back when I decided to explore more of the countryside south-west of Brisbane.

Crossing over the Great Dividing Range and through Cunningham’s Gap can be somewhat of a white knuckle drive although the views of the mountain ranges does make it worthwhile. Pulling in to the carpark at the top of the Gap can be a blink and miss affair if you’re unfamiliar with the area because it appears quite suddenly – drive too fast and you’ll probably miss it.

It’s worth stopping for a leg stretch though. The rainforest is visually stunning and I couldn’t help but feel I’d landed on the movie set of Jurassic park. Now trees I adore, but dinosaurs – yeah…nuh.

Cunningham's Gap

Walking along the track I was in awe of this old rainforest, the bird call, and only slightly nervous hearing the rustling of something big in the undergrowth

The afternoon sun was beginning to disappear above the trees, bird call echoed through the trees, and just beyond the track animals of some description rummaged about in the undergrowth. Water dripped from leaves into puddles though I barely watched where I was going, instead I spent most of my time looking at the canopy of trees, most of which were covered in huge bird’s-nest ferns. My dad would have fallen over in awe at their sheer size and volume!

Rainforest tree Cunninghams Gap

Throughout the rainforest huge trees reached for the sky

Because light was fading I turned around and explored the other side of the carpark and came upon this lovely tree covered from top to bottom of these vibrant green leaves. The only way I could take a decent photograph with my phone was to practically stand against and under it. It was another wow moment for me of which there were many ♥

Cunningham's Gap vine covered tree

The air was thick though the temperature cool beneath the canopy of these glorious trees

Beside the green leaved tree was a tree (small strangler fig methinks) I’m sure housed a tree spirit, or maybe many – I’m not quite sure how any spirits take up residence within a tree.

Standing beside this tree a feeling of love and happiness washed over me, then enveloped me – like a huge energy hug – a feeling with stayed with me all the way back home. I’d never been hugged by a tree before but I like it ♥

I took the photograph below in memory of this tree and the tree hug it bestowed upon me.

Cunninghams Gap Walking Track

Although surrounded by a forest of trees, it was this tree where I felt peace, love, and harmony…strange but true…

Hug a tree today, you might get lucky and get hugged right back 🙂

Exploring my Assumption

On my way to Warwick, west of Brisbane, I pass a road sign in Aratula to Lake Moogerah.

I’d driven this way before and heard the lake was a dam. Imagining dull brown water, tufts of yellow grass bordering the sparse shoreline (don’t ask me why), and lots of quiet nothingness left me with thoughts of meh. My assumption was good enough reason to stay on the highway rather than drive the 12 kms to the dam.

This time I make a mental note to explore the lake on my return trip home.

Later that day…

Driving back to Brisbane on my return trip I take the Lake Moogerah turnoff.

This is what I see…

Moogerah Dam

A breathtaking view of Lake Moogerah and the surrounding mountains of the glorious scenic rim

I also see this…

Moogerah Dam motor boats

Motorised vessels permitted on the lake – it was a busy on the water with small boats and jet skis

And this…

Moogerah Dam Wall

Walking along the dam wall, the view was stunning – even looking down

I’ve never been so deliciously surprised! My wrongful assumption of a dull brown dam to what actually is – a wonderfully vibrant body of water surrounded by mountains was breathtaking.

What’s not to love?

So happy I decided to check out my assumption – win/win ♥