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It’s Sunday Morning and I am at One with Nature

It’s early Sunday morning and I lie in bed listening to the sound of the wind whispering through the tall trees my home is surrounded by. I pull up the blind so I can watch the trees sway back and forth, open the window and lie back down, watching, listening, and breathing. I am now at one with nature.

The birds too are awake and at one with nature.

On this early Sunday morning echoing throughout my neighbourhood is the loud, squawking of the sulfur-crested cockatoos, the raucous laughter of too large a family of kookaburras, which incidentally have been up and at ‘em since 4am if not cackling with evil laughter, attacking my windows with their sledge hammer beaks (okay maybe stout beak is a better description). Not to be outdone, the crows are cawing while a little over there, the distinct woop woop woop of the neighbourhood pheasant coucals can be heard. For background harmonies, the pigeons are gently cooing, and goodness what sub-species of avialae are merrily twittering, trilling, and chirping away.

I am indeed blessed with the knowledge that my neighbourhood is alive and well; the only quiet inhabitants being my fellow human neighbours.

After an hour of listening and attempting to grasp bird-speak, I get up, have a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and head out to a different place where I can be at one with nature, where the only sound I hear is a distant seagull, gentle waves lapping on the sand, and the low hum of a boat engine.

When I am at one with nature, I really feel alive 😉

Wish you were here....

Wish you were here….

Memory Jars yes, but I’m talking about a glass container

Slightly more than a year ago I began to notice posts about memory jars, good time jars, love jars (no pun intended), baby jars, beach jars, herb jars, laughter jars, actually there were (and are) so many jars that writing the word jar is beginning to sound Norwegian.

There are gazillions of jars about everything to do with memories and decorated accordingly.

Memories are a strange thing because sometimes we forget things. We even forget things which might seem small to some but in our mind are in fact very big – baby’s first smile, first tooth, first poo, first wee, first love puff. Other seemingly unimportant things however figure large in the heart might be a small act of kindness shown toward another, whispered words of encouragement where and when it’s needed, or a smile directed at a stranger walking by.

Small things can be really, really BIG THINGS…and it’s remembering these things that can keep us going when life throws lemons our way. So last January I decided to trial a memory jar.  Not only was I trialling the memory jar concept but I was also putting my memory on notice. I wondered if I would remember to jot down meaningful moments I intended to reflect upon the following year.

First I began by finding the largest jar I could because let’s face it, I suspected there were a lot of memories I wanted to reflect on! After several weeks of searching (I was in no hurry) I found the perfect jar – it was the largest jar of pickled cucumbers I ever saw, and because I love food, quickly ate my way through them (only problem is that the smell of dill is a bit tricky to get rid of and have it down to a dull dill smell that will have to do).

Jar found, it was time to remember to jot down memorable moments on bits of paper (I used recycled paper) and before I knew it the following year arrived. I am now in the process of reading my notes one by one. So far there have been smiles, feelings of love and pride, and the odd stirring of melancholy.

Once I empty the jar I shall begin the process all over again 🙂

Must sign off now and get reading, reflecting, and probably cook up a few new strategies to make this year work even better for me XO

My memory jar

My memory jar full of meaningful notes and the odd smell of dill


Blogging 101 Introduction

I’ve loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember and find it fascinating stringing words together that make sense and includes reading a particularly well-written book, where I will often say to myself ‘I wish I’d written that!’ Which incidentally is another goal of mine – for someone to read my book (or anything of mine) and cry out ‘OMG I wish I’d written that!’

I currently work in the corporate universe where sadly the only writing I do is to flick a short email to staff here and there. Whilst my role is busy, diverse, and the people fantastic, I miss the creativity of writing especially about things that can potentially help others see things in a different light (some of which you can find here at When Life Gives You Lemons) after all, life sometimes gives you lemons.

Blogging is a different world to me and I admire those who can easily engage their audience through their writing such as the Blogging 101 posts – they’re excellent! I teeter between feature/article writing and what I think I’m blogging, which in fact may not be blogging at all but it’s still fun to write. Then there’s the issue of genre…I find science, the metaphysical, spirituality, astronomy, music, personal development, alternative health, and much more, rivetting.

Apart from blogging I’m about to start the second draft of a book, and have a few recipes I’ve trialled with my work colleagues for an e-book, oh and I want to brush up on fiction writing…okay, I want to learn about fiction writing.

Enough about me – happy reading ♥