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Cave Girl and the Monsters in the Cave

The eternal tourist, I often travel far and wide through the space time continuum during meditation. Incredible and clear insights are revealed during meditation and often comes in visionary form of the past, present and future, or metaphors and symbols of whatever is happening in my life or that of my family and friends – I might even receive messages from spirit animals or from my guys upstairs.

Meditation this morning was no different.

A few deep breaths my mind was still and I was projected back to the beginning of time and cave people. A young Cave Girl wearing fur clothing and ugg style boots was exploring a cave when without warning a rockslide covered the entrance trapping her inside. When the dust finally settled Cave Girl could barely see in the dim light from the cave’s ceiling.

Cave Girl’s lips trembled and legs shook with fear as she looked around the cave, nothing but dirt, faint shadows and rocky outlines surrounded her. Alone and in semi darkness, fear of the unknown began to play with her mind tricking her into believing the worst – slimy monsters lurked here and would eat her alive.

Mysterious desert creature

Mysterious, alien, squid-like – worthy of a starring role in the Pirates of Caribbean franchise


It’s all scary if you don’t know what’s out there, right?

As the enormity of the cave-in sunk in and terror overwhelmed her, she began to sway back and forth and wail uncontrollably. Until she heard rocks drop. She stopped crying not daring to move nor make a sound.

Something moved on the far side of the cave. It was coming closer until she could see the shadow of a monstrous creature rise before her. Cave Girl was rooted to the spot – all she managed to do was stare wild-eyed directly at the approaching monster. Cave Girl thought she would die right there and then.

But the strangest thing happened. While Cave Girl stared fear-struck at the monster it began shrinking until eventually it was the smallest of sizes. As her fear disappeared she became curious enough to reach out and gently pick it up. The tiny creature shone brightly radiating the purest of love.

She wondered what she’d been afraid of.

While Cave Girl contemplated her new friend, she again heard something move within the cave. Again she was gripped by an irrational fear of the unknown. Cave Girl’s heart pounded loudly as the leviathan of the cave neared. It moved swiftly and was now upon her. Cowering in fear she looked directly at the behemoth in front of her.

Cave Girl thought she was looking death in the face.

Again the strangest thing happened. The creature shrank in size until it was the smallest of sizes. Cave Girl’s fear melted away and with a newfound level of curiosity picked up the tiny creature. As before the purest of love filled Cave Girl.

She wondered what she’d been afraid of.

More creatures appeared, each one significantly larger, smellier, more loathsome and fearsome than the one before. What surprised Cave Girl now was that as each new creature presented itself, her irrational fear of the unknown lessened; Cave Girl was finally prepared for them and came to realise that fear had tricked her into believing these imaginary monsters intended to cause her harm.

Thus the cave-in was a blessing for Cave Girl because trapped alone in the cave, with nowhere to go and no-one to help her, she had to learn to confront her fears, and discovered her innate courage needed to survive.

It was clear to me that this meditation highlighted my unconscious fears of what may or may not happen, and were shadows ready to be brought into the light. There was nothing to be fearful of – the monsters illuminated the gold in the dark.

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” ~ John Wayne

Post script: A search party was organised by Cave Girl’s Clan who eventually found her by following her screams of terror coming through the hole in the cave’s ceiling.

The End