Walking the Spiral

What does triumph mean to me? To me triumph, or success, means I’ve achieved something such as:

  1. overcoming difficulties to cross the finish line
  2. threading a needle in dim light
  3. a decent job offer
  4. finishing a course – yay – go me!
  5. a perfectly clipped hedge
  6. tuning a digital television set – this deserves its own level of achievement
  7. cooking a BBQ (the first and only time I was allowed to toss sausages on the BBQ the fire brigade was almost called – think I chargrilled our lungs)
  8. the discovery of knee high boots that fit around sturdy calves (built for long distance walking)
  9. a robust mind, body and spirit
  10. walking the Damanhur Spiral at Crystal Castle

I recently drove to Crystal Castle in the Byron Shire Hinterland of northern New South Wales, where I discovered The Damanhur Spiral. The Damanhur Spiral is advertised as, ‘An energy link between Damanhur, Federation of Communities, a spiritual eco community in Northern Italy, and the Crystal Castle’.

Made up of 900 bush rocks, the spiral’s stones are connected to those of the Sacred Woods Temple in Damanhur, so to walk the spiral is special, providing an opportunity to reconnect with the Self and nature – just what I needed.

After walking the walk within the spiral surrounded by abundant nature and crystals, I was űber relaxed and thought it time for coffee and lunch 🙂

Photograph 1

The important instructions before stepping onto the spiral (a bit blurry due to image compression).

Damanhur Spiral

Damanhur Spiral Instructions

Fully immersed in the present moment and inner reflection, as well as safely navigating the spiral I missed a photo opportunity of the spiral itself. It doesn’t matter though, being clear of mind and focused within is also an achievement.

Photograph 2 (as is)

At the centre of the spiral is this magnificent smoky quartz throne for visitors to sit upon. Morning rain had only just cleared so the lighting wasn’t the best for this photo of the crystal chair justice – shame.

Stretching the imagination with contrast as far as possible, the white (sparkling white in real time) contrasts with the earth around it.

Spira Quartz Crystal Seat

At the centre of the spiral is this gorgeous quartz crystal seat

Having walked the Damanhur Spiral, I can say it was a lovely achievement – win!

Until next time XO

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